The Barelli Family

Greetings from Gig Harbor, Washington! This page is for family and friends from all over to help keep in touch and to let you know what's happening in our local branch of the Barelli family!
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Barelli Family

Items that may be of interest to family, friends and probably nobody else:

Greetings from the Barelli Sanctuary for Endangered Small Woodland Creatures.

Apparently the Western Gray Squirrel has actually been placed on the "Threatened" list.  From the numbers I am seeing around here, apparently all of them live within a 1000 yard radius of our home.  Fortunately, we like the little critters and have commenced an intensive "Species Assistance Plan" to ensure their continued survival even during periods when local food is not sufficient for their needs.  Bottom line...  throw out a handful of peanuts anywhere around our house and stand back quickly.  Those critters mean business!

Our local raccoon population is also booming. There is some construction nearby which has forced a family of raccoons to relocate to our little patch of woods. They have recognized that we are a "soft touch" so we are now on their regular begging route. In the afternoon, we can often see them lounging in the trees, and occasionally they just hang out on our back deck. They seem to be doing very well, although they still give us the "poor starving woodland creature" look every morning. It's a hard look to pull off when you're as fat as they are.

Jason is finishing up the busy being a Senior at Peninsula High School.  The school has a radio station, and he has a show on Friday afternoons.  After listening to it, I realize that I have become my parents.  My first reaction was "that's not music, that's noise!"  I've put a link (below) to the radio station website where you can listen via streaming audio from anywhere in the world!

Dorothy continues to be active in the choir at church and is enjoying being a full-time mom.  Taking care of a son and husband keeps her pretty busy, and she's still working with the Pierce County Library.  

I'm keeping pretty busy myself.  Fortunately, I'm in a line of work where my hours are pretty flexible.  The real estate business is lots of fun.  There's a link to the office site below, and among the agents you can find a picture of yours truly.  While some of you that know me may wonder if they know what they've gotten themselves into, I'm having a great time.  Gee, I get to drive around the beautiful countryside and I get to help folks find homes in a part of the country that I love!  Darn the bad luck!  The boat still sits along side the house, covered with a large tarp to keep at least some of the pine needles out of it.


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John, Dorothy and Jason Barelli wish you well and pray God's blessing to you and yours!

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